Proceedings of the IV Summer School

Introductory Pages

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Organizers and Committees  (.ps)

I. Aref'eva Jubilee  (.ps)

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I. Ya. Aref'eva, R. V. Gorbachev, P. B. Medvedev and D. V. Rychkov
Numerical Methods in Superstring Field Theory (.ps)

I. Ya. Aref'eva and I. V. Volovich
Quantization of the Riemann Zeta-Function and Cosmology (.ps)

P. Aschieri, H. Steinacker, J. Madore, P. Manousselis and G. Zoupanos
Fuzzy Extra Dimensions: Dimensional Reduction, Dynamical Generation and Renormalizability (.ps)

B. Bertrand
New insights into abelian topologically massive gauge theories (.ps)

M. Blagojevic and B. Cvetkovic
The influence of torsion on the black hole entropy in 3D gravity (.ps)

I. L. Buchbinder
Elementary Introduction to Supersymmetric Field Theory (.ps)

M. Buric, J. Madore and G. Zoupanos
On Poisson Energy (.ps)

M. Buric, J. Madore and G. Zoupanos
On the Jacobi field equations (.ps)

V. Radovanovic, M. Buric and J. Trampetic
The one-loop renormalization of the gauge sector in the Θ-expanded noncommutative standard model (.ps)

M. Dimitrijevic
Deformed Gauge Theories (.ps)

B. Dragovich and A. Dragovich
p-Adic Degeneracy of the Genetic Code (.ps)

B. Dragovich and D. Mihajlovic
p-Adic and Adelic Rational Dynamic Systems (.ps)

A. V. Galkin
Galilean superalgebra and supersymmetric field theory in 2+1 space (.ps)

E. I. Guendelman and A. B. Kaganovich
Initial Singularity, Λ-Problem and Crossing the Phantom Divide in Scale Invariant TMT Model (.ps)

E. I. Guendelman, A. Kaganovich, E. Nissimov and S. Pacheva
Generalized Gauge Field Approach to Lightlike Branes (.ps)

G. N. Gyulchev and S. S. Yazadjiev
Garfinkle-Horovitz-Strominger Dilaton Black Hole Gravitational Lensing in the Strong Deflection Limit (.ps)

S. R. Ignjatovic
Stability of Certain QCD Sum Rules for Simple Model Spectra (.ps)

V. G. Kadyshevsky, M. D. Mateev, V. N. Rodionov and A. S. Sorin
Towards a geometric approach to the formulation of the standard model (.ps)

J. Katic and D. Milinkovic
Topological invariants of smooth manifolds via classical mechanics and Cauchy-Riemann operator (.ps)

A. Mikovic
Graviton propagator from spin networks (.ps)

M. I. Monastyrsky
Generalized Krammers-Wannier Duality for spin systems with non-commutative symmetry (.ps)

M. Mondragn and G. Zoupanos
Finite Unification and the Higgs mass prediction (.ps)

A. K. Monin and A. V. Zayakin
Induced Schwinger Processes in External Fields (.ps)

C. R. Nair
Photon as a black hole (.ps)

B. Nikolic and B. Sazdovic
Open string boundary conditions dependence on the background fields (.ps)

Z. Rakic
On Osserman manifolds (.ps)

I. Salom
Extension of Conformal (Super)Symmetric using Heisenberg and Parabose Operators (.ps)

I. Zh. Stefanov, S. Yazadjiev and M. Todorov
Charged black holes coupled to non-linear electrodynamics in scalar-tensor theories of gravity with massive scalar field (.ps)

F. Toppan
Recent Developments in the N-Extended Supersymmeetric Quantum Mechanics (.ps)

J. Trampetic
Signal for space-time noncommutativity: the Z–›γγ decay in the renormalizable gauge sector of the Θ-expanded NCSM (.ps)

D. V. Uvarov
Supertwistor formulation for the first-order superstring action (.ps)

M. Vasilic and M. Vojinovic
Classical String in Curved Backgrounds (.ps)

M. Visinescu
Killing-Yani tensors, Dirac-type operators and quantum anomalies (.ps)

K. Waldorf
Gerbes in unoriented WZW Models (.ps)

K. G. Zloshchastiev
Brane conservation approach to dimensional reduction and low-energy limit of M theory (.ps)

Ending Pages

Talks not included in the Proceedings  (.ps)

List of Participants  (.ps)