Lectures and Workshop Reports of the II Summer School

Dj. Sijacki
World spinors: group representations and field equations (.ps)

L. D. Paniaka and R. J. Szabo
Lectures on two-dimensional noncommutative gauge theories (.ps)

M. Buric and V. Radovanovic
On renormalizability of the quantum electrodynamics on noncommutative space (.ps)

H. Grosse and R. Wulkenhaar
Regularisation and renormalisation of quantum field theories on noncommutative spaces (.ps)

B. Bajc
Supersymmetric grandunification and proton decay (.ps)

M. Maceda and J. Madore
On the resolution of space-time singularities II (.ps)

B. Sazdovic
Background fields contribution to space-time geometry (.ps)

S. Waldmann
Deformation quantization: observable algebras, states and representation theory (.ps)

F. Toppan
On the octionic M-algebra and superconformal M-algebra (.ps)

M. Mondragon and G. Zoupanos
Finite unification at all-loops (.ps)

M. Blagojevic
Three lectures on Poincare gauge theory (.ps)

A. Shcherbakov
Constructing super-p-brane action (.ps)

A. T. Filippov and V. de Alfaro
Integrable low dimensional theories describing high dimensional branes, black holes and cosmologies (.ps)

I. Antoniadis
Mass scales in string theory (.ps)

M. D. Todorov, T. L. Boyadjiev, P. P. Fiziev and S. S. Yazadjiev
An application of continuous analogue of Newton's method for modeling of Boson-Fermion stars in the generalized scalar-tensor theories of gravity (.ps)

N. Blazic
Reductions and orbifolds: construction of self-dual 4-metrics (.ps)

D. Luest
Intersecting brane worlds and their effective interactions (.ps)

V. Dragovic
On integrability and rigid-body system (.ps)

E. Guendelman, A. Kaganovich, E. Nissimov and S. Pacheva
Strings, p-branes and Dp-branes with dynamical tension (.ps)

D. Sorokin
Geometrical methods in the theory of superstrings and superbranes (.ps)

L. Bonora, C. Maccaferri, D. Mamone and M. Salizzoni
Topics in string field theory (.ps)

I. Ya. Aref'eva and L. V. Joukovskaya
Rolling tachyon on non-BPS brane (.ps)

I. V. Volovich
Quantum information, quantum nonlocality and spacetime (.ps)